Types Of Visa

Hong Kong Visas

The government of Hong Kong promotes entry of businesses able to contribute to local economy and employment. It promotes the entry of specialized business and skills. The territory promotes the family of businessmen and persons under employment visa to join them and continue their stay here in Hong Kong.

The most popular visas for businessmen are:

Granted to chief officers of the company who have invested funds to the company and are willing to stay in the territory subject to approval by the Immigration Department of their application to conduct business in Hong Kong.

Subject to certain conditions a person is permitted to apply visa under this category by investing a sum of HKD 10 million in the approved schemes. Such investment shall remain in the territory for a continuous period of 7 years before the person is allowed permanent residency in the territory. During such 7 years the individual is allowed to take away the returns of his investment.

Employment visas are granted to individual having sufficient expertise and skills not easily available in Hong Kong and other conditions of the Immigration Department.

Dependent visas are granted to immediate family members of the individuals having investment / employment visa in Hong Kong.


We provide the services of application of relevant visas for our clients after conducting an initial assessment of the background and relevant documents of the client. (Goes under basic, advanced, or deluxe services)