Samoa Islands

The Samoan Islands or Samoa Islands are located in the central South Pacific, forming part of Polynesia and the wider region of Oceania.

Due to colonialism, the Samoa Islands and people were divided by Western powers. Today, the islands have two jurisdictions, the independent country of Samoa in the western half of the islands, and the territory of American Samoa comprising the islands to the east. The two regions are separated by 64 km of ocean.

All Companies registered in the Samoa Islands must have a registered office provided by a licensed service provider. A minimum of one shareholder, one director and one corporate secretary are required and corporate members are permitted to hold these positions.

The Registers of Directors, Officers and Charges must be kept at the Registered Office. A copy of the Register of Directors and Officers must be filed with the Registrar of Companies but is not available for public inspection.

The object of the company is to engage in any activity or business that is not prohibited under any law. The company should not carry out any business with companies or individuals resident in Samoa Islands.