Hong Kong

Why establish a company in Hong Kong

Quick incorporation

Companies in Hong Kong can be established as quickly as in a day you can have the entire set of documents of incorporation of the company and its business licence to operate the business and get the bank account functional.


Efficient and best technology at banking

All major brands of banks of the globe have their presence in Hong Kong and most of them have safe, secure, fast, efficient and mature banking system to cater the needs of different business. The banks use latest technology to provide its customers best solutions to conduct their banking operations both onshore and offshore through the internet banking portals.


Low tax regime and sourced based taxation system

One of the lowest and simplest tax regimes of the world, the profits tax now being 16.5% of net profits of the business. The tax structure does not have capital gains tax, dividend tax, sales tax, GST, tax on dividends, turnover tax or tax on individual estates.

Hong Kong has unique system of charging taxes only on income generated from the territory of Hong Kong; it allows the person to trade with Hong Kong without being taxed here. This arrangement has its methodology which must be approved by the tax department on the presentation of accounts and various other information to their satisfaction.


Close proximity to major cities and business hub of China

Geographically located close to cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou and having connectivity to all major cities in China Hong Kong poses the advantage of doing business with China through its sophisticated ports having connectivity to the all major ports of the world. It is provides a safe and smarter route into China as English is widely used and understood here and therefore provides best opportunities for foreigners.


Effective Corporate Laws and Independent Judiciary

Hong Kong has efficient corporate laws in place and is updated to meet the current economic and technological progression and have a fairly fast and independent judiciary to meet the business needs of all sectors. The territory holds high standards of fair law enforcement and practice.


Process of company incorporation

Incorporate a company (fresh incorporation)

We can provide the services of company incorporation in Hong Kong that allows you to have -

  1. Name of the company of your choice
  2. Registered capital of the company of your choice (normally HKD 10,000)
  3. Details of the subscribers to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and other incorporation documents to be of those persons you provide for the purpose of incorporation.
  4. Registered address of the company to be of your own choice within the territory of the HKSAR

After considering the name availability of the company we shall organize the necessary documents for your signing and begin the process of incorporation of the company.

Ready – made company (Pick up company available on shelf)

We also provide a list of shelf companies for your selection. It contains the following –

  1. Pre-assigned name of the company (This can be changed or altered subject to availability)
  2. Pre-assigned authorized capital of the company, generally HK $ 10,000 divided into 10,000 shares of HK $1 each with issued share capital of HK $1 (This can be changed or altered)
  3. Existing subscribers to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and appointed officers of the company (They shall be replaced)
  4. Existing registered address of the company (This shall be changed or altered)
  5. Certificate that the Company has not commenced business, signed contract and/or does not carry any assets or liabilities as on the date of the transfer.

Corporate requirements

Minimum number of shareholder
Minimum number of director
Requirements of company secretary
Corporate shareholding permitted
Corporate director permitted
Corporate secretary permitted
Standard Authorised Share Capital of the company (divided into 10,000 shares of HK $ 1 each)
HK $ 10,000

Local Requirements

Local requirement being person having domicile address within the territory of the HKSAR

Local shareholder
Local director
Local secretary
(Minimum requirement of one officer of the company director or secretary shall be local)
Registered office / Registered agent


Annual compliance requirements

Annual Returns
(Details of directors and shareholders of the company as on the anniversary date and other details of the company normally filed in a prescribed form of the Company Registry)
Annual renewal of the Business Licence
(Business Registration Certificate)
Employers Return
(Annual filing of the salaries and wages paid to the employees of the company)
(Subject to company having business transactions during the period / year under audit)
Profits tax


Information and documents required

Individual Shareholder/Director/Secretary of the company
Identity document like copy of the Passport / Hong Kong Identity Card of each individual
Individual Shareholder/Director/Secretary of the company
Residential address with proof valid in the past 3 months of use in the name of the individual (Utility bill like electricity, telephone, mobile, Bank statements, government notifications) of each individual
Corporate Shareholder/Director/Secretary of the company
  1. Company Name as registered in the country of the domicile
  2. Registered office address
  3. Company number or copy of the Incorporation Certificate
  4. Details of shareholders and directors (Corporate tree if necessary)
  5. Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.
  6. Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the company approving the establishment of company in the HKSAR and appointment of authorized signatory.

(All the above required for each corporate shareholder/director)

If more than one shareholder
Details of shareholding of each person by either the number of shares or percentage of the issued capital of the company
If more than one director
Details as in above for each individual person or corporate
Registered office address of the company Within the territory of the HKSAR, post box address is not permitted.
Corporate secretary of the company Normally having domicile within the territory of the HKSAR
Signing of the relevant Forms and other documents By the person whose name is indicated or authorized representative in case of corporate Shareholder/Director/Secretary of the company